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Multi-Projection edge blending for Unity



Edge blending is the dark art of stitching together the output of two or more overlapping projectors and making one seamless screen out of them.

Web GL Demo



How to Use

In Unity Developing

1 import MultiProjection.unitypackage into your project

2 Drag /MultiProjection/prefabs "MP_MappingCamera" into your scene

3 Change screen layout or blend count , try shortcut.

4 finish.


Hardware Requirement

You need a high performance PC , CPU I3 + VGA card is need.

You need install win7 or win8or  win10, and make sure your VGA card can connect all projectors.



Tutorial 1: How to build two projector blending

If you want to build a 2048 *768 projection, first connect two projectors and

Below picture is setting from windows 7 , first active your two projector, and layout as below 2*1.


Go to your unity project and set layout to L_2*1 , and set blend_count base your overlapping.

Build a execute , and run it. Use shortcut change grid .

Adjust grid one by one  

            First use grid FOUR_CONNER change all grid to match some good,

             Next use grid single move, to match more accurate points.

            After got perfect matching.

            Press  R,G,B key + Up/Down to made two projectors color same.

            Press key 1 or 2 open blend edge.

            Press  -,= adjust  blend edge gamma.

            All finished, Press F5 save. If you want to rest all Press F8 key.

            After your release your app, you need set showHelp and showGrid into false.

Shortcut List:

                  F1: show help or not

                  F2:Open color GUI

                  H: hide grid or not

                  W/S/A/D : choose control point

                  Up/Left/Down/Right : move control point        (Press Shift to speed up and Alt to slow)

                  M: change grid move way

                  R/G/B: change screen color, Up/Down change color value

                  num 1-num4: open blend area(left/right/top/bottom)

                  -,=: adjust blend area gamma.

                  Mouse click: choose screen             

                  Tab: switch screen

                  T: testing screen

                  F5: save all data

                  F8: load default grid

                  ESC: exit


Key Features

* Support 1*1  (very useful for 3d mapping)

* Support 1*2,1*3,1*4

* Support 2*1,2*2,2*3,2*4 (in processing ,not finished)

* Dynamic Mesh, low CPU and GPU overload

* Full keyboard control

* Full source code , create your own blending software



Website: http://vvvision.net/zblog/post/MultiProjectionUnity.html
WebGL Demo https://hardybbs.itch.io/multiporjection
Asset Store  https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/85466

         Video Tutorials  https://youtu.be/kCgO-ok8zek

      A demo for PC with 2048*768 execute https://www.dropbox.com/s/bs0nuzdel6iss53/Test2048W768H_MultiProjectionUnity.zip?dl=0

      Pick Color Tools for Android mobile https://www.dropbox.com/s/e800vtx4kpu7l7x/PickColor.apk?dl=0        


    you can use your android mobile to adjust color with different projectors.

Change Log

1.01 released.

1.02 add color panel, seperate gamma into screen


Contact us
mail:  hardyfish@163.com
web www.vvvision.net 

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